Why I am a Christian by John Stott

I am reposting this 2010 review because the Kindle Edition is on sale for $1.99

Why I Am a Christian

Takeaway: Your own story of faith is often the best apologetic.

In general I am not a huge fan of apologetics, but I really respect Stott and so I picked up the book it was on sale.  It is a brief book, only a little over 3 hours.

Stott focuses the book on why he is a Christian more than why you should become a Christian.  I think this is a good focus. This book is part autobiographical and part theology/philosophy.  Stott is not so much trying to convince the reader to become a Christian as he is sharing some thoughts on his own journey.  This will not hit every reader.  Stott is very literate and is writing this short book at least in part as a response to Bertrand Russell‘s essay “Why I am not a Christian.”

He shares six basic reasons for being a Christian 1) Christ pursued him, 2) Stott believes Jesus’ claims are true, 3) The cross, 4) Christianity best explains who we are, both weaknesses and strengths, 5) Jesus is key to true freedom and 6) Humans have aspirations which only Christ can fulfill.  Each of these reason is a chapter.  I found chapter four and five most engaging, but I think that many others will find others more engaging because they are more attracted to those ideas.

If you are looking for proofs of Christ, then this is not a book for you.  If you are looking for a story of how someone else made a decision to follow Christ, this is a good book.

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