Book Giveaway: Holy Is the Day by Carolyn Weber

Holy is the dayInterVarsity Press mailed me a final copy of the excellent Holy is the Day by Carolyn Weber last week. I read (and reviewed) the Advance Copy (which I then gave away) and then purchased a copy of the kindle version when it was released.

So I have no need of this paperback copy.  As I was trying to figure out a creative way to give this away, I realized that one of the important reasons that this book needs to be read it to combat Jesus Juke.

Jesus Juke, coined by Jon Acuff, is when someone brings Jesus into a conversation inappropriately when the conversation did not have anything to do with Jesus.  Usually this is more about hitting someone over the head with religious language than actually contributing to conversation or seeking after how God works in the real world

Holy is the Day, along with God of the Mundane and several other books I have read this year has re-awakened my desire to find God in the everyday.  But I still have an aversion to Jesus Juke and I don’t want to encourage Jesus Juking everyone as you discover the real ways that you start seeing God in the everyday as you seek after him.

So here is the contest, in between now and Monday Sept 30 at 12 Noon Eastern, leave a comment below, or on the Facebook pages where you either confess your funniest Jesus Juke or describe how someone Jesus Juked you.  (Please be kind and disguise the identity of the Jesus Juker.)

I will come up with a team to thoroughly analyze and review all submissions and pick one and mail you a copy of the book.  (Although I will listen for crowd favorites, so please let me know what you think is the best one.)

It won’t earn you any extra points (unless you get a bunch of people to come and say your Jesus Juke was the best), but please pass the give away along via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Path or whatever other social media you use.

(An example of a Jesus Juke would for one person to say “I really need a cup of coffee this morning I am dragging.” And then the Jesus Juke response would be “If you really need a pick me up you should do a morning devotional, I do that every morning and don’t need coffee.”


Jesus Juke! Love that….
I think my pet peeve Jesus Juke is about folk who refer to Jesus as a pocket pal…”.oh, Jesus helped me pick out this dress today, Jesus found my car keys, Jesus blessed me with hot porridge, Jesus gave me a new pair of nice shoes….,”.

I hate the one where the discussion is about church, unrelated to mission budgets, and the person’s response is something like, “Do you have any idea how many starving kids we could feed oversees if didn’t buy that projector with the $700 bulb?!”

I know the contest is over, but I had to send this. Does it qualify as Jesus Juke?

I was grading geometry exams tonight when I came upon a proof problem (10 points) which the student left blank except for: “Jesus is always the answer.”

I’ve been grading math exams since 1969 without ever receiving such an answer!

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