Borrowing a Kindle Library Book to Sync to Audio

I am not sure why it never occurred to me earlier, but I found a new trick to use with Kindle Library books. I really like to sync Audiobook to a Kindle edition to I can alternate between reading by print and then listening to the audio depending on where I am and what I am doing.

I often pick up Audible books on sale that I would like to have the Kindle edition to. Right now I am reading Children of God, the sequel to The Sparrow. I am enjoying the audiobook, but it has content that is not appropriate for young ears and I often listen to audiobooks while I am doing chores around the house or while I am doing computer work.

The Kindle Edition is $13.99 right now. But my library has the Kindle edition available to check out. Because I have the official Audible edition that is synced with the Kindle edition, when I check out the library version of the Kindle book I can sync back and forth just as if I had owned both version.

This will not work if you own the Kindle edition and check out the library audiobook because the audiobook will play on the Overdrive player. But it does work if you own the Audible audiobook and check out the Kindle edition.

Because the whisper sync discount only works if you have the kindle edition and purchase the audiobook, this is an option for when you own the Audible book and want to get the kindle edition to sync. It also will work if you are trying to highlight a section for use in a review or paper.

(This is a post about how to check out a book from the library for your kindle)


Do you use Kindle to electronically “check out” digital books from your local library?

How do you do that?



    With Cobb library you have to do the checkout on a computer. But the rough process is that you go to the library site. Fine a book you want to checkout. Then check it out on the webpage via the library’s system. Then that will open a new tab on Amazon and you login to Amazon and send the book to your Kindle just like if you had purchased it.

    It is very easy once you do it once or twice. But I don’t think you can do it from the kindle itself.

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