Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding by Rhys Bowen (A Royal Spyness Mystery #12)

Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding by Rhys Bowen (A Royal Spyness Mystery #14)Summary: She gets married. Finally.

I have really enjoyed these light cozy mysteries as a change of pace. Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding is the twelfth in the series. Like any series, there is some unevenness in the books. And although I do think this is one of the better books recently, there are parts that drive me nuts. Georgie’s continued assumption that Darcy is cheating on her, when every time, it is part of his job as a spy or another very explainable reasons is tiring. Georgie is smart and this thing about making her doubt herself all the time doesn’t really work. Some self doubt is natural, the extent of her doubt in Darcy is not.

In the last book, as someone in directly line to the throne (35th, but still direct), Georgiana had to receive permission from the King and Parliament to remove herself from the line to the throne so that she and Darcy could marry (since he is Catholic). Having been given that permission, this book is about the planning for the wedding. I already said above that the wedding happens. There have been enough delays in this series already, so I at least would want to know if it was going to be delayed again.

I appreciate that the crimes being solved in this book (and generally in the series) are not high profile crimes. I think some mystery series get stuck in the trap of making the crimes larger and larger, which tends to mean more ridiculous and unbelievable. (Looking at you Cormoran Strike and Bruno, Chief of Police.) The crimes still tend to be homicide, which is serious, but major figures in the world do not seem to be dropping.

My frustration in the series has mostly be around the lack of development of the characters and relationships of the main protagonists, not the mysteries themselves. And this one does develop the protagonists fairly well.

I was about ready to write the series off after the last book. But after this one, I will keep reading.

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I enjoyed Four Funerals and a Wedding more than her last few books. The narrator did an excellent job!

    I probably should have mentioned that there was a new narrator. She did do a good job. The previous narrator of the series died of cancer this past year. (I believe she was only in her mid to early 40s)

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