Theme Testing

I am not much of a design guy.  I like to write my blog not tweak it.  So it has been over two years since I have had a major re-design of the blog.  A friend of mine is working on a new Theme design and needed beta testers.  So I offered to test it out on a live mid-sized blog.  You may notice a few things that are a big odd.  If anything seems broken or you would like it changed let me know.

Overall, I am just paring back and limited my menus, ads and navigation tools.  I think you can find everything, but if you have a suggestion of something that is needed let me know.


I think it looks good Adam! Clean and functional, no dead links that I have been able to find yet. Thanks for what you guys do!

I usually read your blog in a feed so I don’t see the design much. New one seems simple, clean.
And thanks so much for doing the blog–it’s a real help to me.

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