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I am participating in another group blog.  This time with the book “Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust“.  This is a book about how to use social media properly.  I have read enough that I bought the book for some people I know at a non-profit that I think need to work on their social media strategy.

Here is the schedule.  All of the posts are going to be centralized at

Date Chapter Blogger Blog Twitter
Wed 10/14 1a Paul Steinbrueck blog @PaulSteinbrueck
Fri 10/16 1b Susan Stewart blog @susan_stewart
Mon 10/19 2a Mary Beth Stockdale blog @mbstockdale
Wed 10/21 2b Steven Rossi blog @SuperMoonMan
Fri 10/23 3a Adam Shields blog @adamrshields
Mon 10/26 3b Brandon Smith blog @mynameisbrandon
Wed 10/28 4a Everett Bracken blog @evdaddy
Fri 10/30 4b Jan Cox blog @indianachick
Mon 11/2 5a Greg Atkinson blog @GregAtkinson
Wed 11/4 5b Graham Brenna blog @gbrenna
Fri 11/6 6a Phillip Gibb blog @phillipgibb
Mon 11/9 6b Tim Schraeder blog @timschraeder
Wed 11/11 7a Jeremy Young blog @jeremy_young
Fri 11/13 7b Deana Kistner blog @organizedartist
Mon 11/16 8a Justin Wise blog @JustinWise
Wed 11/18 8b Scott Williams blog @ScottWilliams

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