Mystical Paths by Susan Howatch (Church of England #5)

Mystical Paths by Susan HowatchSummary: The son of Jon Darrow, Nicholas, has to come to his own faith and purpose.  

I am continuing to really enjoy the Church of England Series.  Mystical Paths is the fifth of the Church of England series and is the start of a spinoff series about Nicholas that starts with High Fliers.  There is one more in the Church of England Series, Absolute Truths.  But that book goes back to the 1960s again and revisits the original protagonist that started the series, Charles Ashworth.

Mystical Paths broke the series format again.  This book is mostly a mystery/thriller.  Christian Aysgarth, the oldest son of Neville (subject of books 3 and 4) died in 1965.  But Katie, his wife is still troubled with the thought that it was not an accident, but a suicide (and she is to blame).

Nicholas, with his psychic powers, so a like but so different from his father’s, wants to bring healing to Katie, but instead brings her pain. So as penance Nicholas seeks out the truth of Christian’s death.

Of course being the Church of England series, Nicholas has to confront his own sin and the way it separates him from God and distracts him from his own path and calling.

It is a very different feel, not only the elements of mystery, but also paranormal thriller.  Because one of the very real possibilities is the Christian was possessed by a demon and/or is a ghost currently haunting those that were around him.

Again, this is a very different sort of book from traditional Christian fiction.  There is a lot of sex, drugs, alcohol and other sins in this book.  But I think it serves well the intent of most Christian fiction to get the reader to examine their faith and seek out a deeper faith.

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