Reclaiming Francis: How the Saint and the Pope Are Renewing the Church

1403747228_0.pngSummary: A rough bio of St Francis with a little bit of Pope Francis thrown in for good measure.

St Francis has had a ton of biographies and spiritual growth books written about or inspired by him (some have suggested there are more books about St Francis than anyone other than Jesus, but that is probably hyperbole.)  Over the past couple years I have read several (see below for reviews), so I always wonder why anyone would want to write a books in a field that is so very over crowded like this one is.

The new idea of this book is to connect Pope Francis and St Francis.  In the intro of the book the author basically says that he had a short biography of St Francis ready when Pope Francis was elected.  So he added connecting material about Pope Francis.

The problem is that is really feels like an add on.

I might be more inclined to like the book except that there just is not anything new here.  Other books seem to have better bios, better spiritual insights from Francis, better modern connections.

This is a short book, but even so I really forced myself to finish it.

Reclaiming Francis: How the Saint and the Pope are Renewing the Church Purchase Links: Paperback, Kindle Edition


I was provided a digital copy of the book for purposes of review.

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