Skull Ring by Scott Nicholson

If you read my reviews frequently, then this book is going to be way outside my normal content.  Only about 1 in 8 books I review is fiction.  And all except for 2 of the fiction books I have reviewed here have been Fantasy or Science Fiction.  I am not traditionally a suspense/horror reader.  The author of this book contacted me to see if I would like to review the book after finding my blog.  I am always up for something different so I agreed.

The opening of the book is classic suspense.  I was on the edge of my seat.  The main character is scared to death of being alone in her home, because of past events and the author did a great job giving what seems to be unrational fears, real life and meaning.  This is a suspense, through most of the book, you are not sure if the main character is deluded or someone really is out to get her.

At one point, I was reading late at night (while sitting on my bathroom floor between bouts of sickness-stomach virus) and kept wanting to read more, but being a bit too creeped out to keep reading.  Eventually I changed books because I wanted to try to get some sleep that night.

If you like suspense, and don’t mind discussion of ritual satanic worship (not overly violent or bloody) this was a good book.  If you have a kindle it is cheap ($0.99) and well worth it.


Disclosure: I was provided a free ebook copy by the author for review purposes.

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