Fledgling by Octavia Butler

Fledgling: A NovelSummary: A very different vampire story than the recent Twilight/True Blood variety.

Do you get tired of me saying, “This is an author that I have been wanting to read for a while”?  Because I am a bit tired of writing it.  But it is true.  Butler was a unique writer. She was an African American female science fiction/fantasy author. She wrote African American characters into Science Fiction and Fantasy.  She was also the first (only?) science fiction author to receive a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant.

Fledgling was Octavia Butler’s last book.  Butler died at the age of 58 in 2006 (of a stroke), a year after this book was published.

Fledgling is a vampire book.  Not like Twilight or True Blood, but still very much vampire.

In this world of vampires, you do not become a vampire.  You are born a vampire.  Vampires, (they call themselves Ina), are a different species from humans.

The Ina need humans for blood and form a symbiotic relationship.  The humans willingly form a community around a particular Ina and in exchange the Ina venom helps humans heal and live longer.  A human ‘symbiant’, can live to 200 or so years old.  While the Ina often live to 500-600 years old.

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