Lessons from the Road by Nigel James

Takeaway: Good book for Third Day fans. Listen if you can.

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This audiobook was a short interesting look into the life of Christian musicians.  I picked it up from ChristianAudio (they are the site that gives away a free book once a month.)  It was on sale for $5.  I am not completely an objective reviewer.  My wife’s cousin is the wife of the lead singer from Third Day and I have met Nigel James at least once.  When I lived in Chicago we were pretty much guaranteed to see Third Day once a year.  Since moving to Atlanta almost 4 years ago we have only gone to one concert.

When we were in Chicago we usually were able to spend so time with Mac and some of the guys before or after a show.  So I know I met Nigel once briefly, and maybe a second time.

This book is intended for fans.  It gives a brief history of the band, some insight into life on the road, a history of how Nigel started being their road pastor, some background on the guys as individuals, background on a few of the songs and some of the bible studies that Nigel has led while on tour.

It is not a real deep book and only is 4 hours long.  But it is put together well.  Nigel reads (which I always like) and the guys from Third Day read their own quotes and memories.  It is a group effort.  The production values are a little shaky.  (There is one point when you can hear a door slamming a couple times, there is some other background noise and even though it is an mp3 file it still asks you to put in the next CD once an hour.)

But if you are a fan of Third Day (or Christian music in general) it is probably a decent four hour listen. Especially if you find it for $5.

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