Review: Amazon Paperwhite Leather Cover

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather CoverI am not a big fan of covers for kindles.  In general I like to use them without a cover.  But the most common problem with kindle is a cracked screen and covers really can help with that.

Over the next three days I am going to review the three covers I have used recently.

I do not now own a Kindle Paperwhite.  But twice in the last two months I have helped a friend replace a broken kindle with a new Paperwhite.  That has given me several weeks to play with the Paperwhite and try out the covers.

The official Amazon Paperwhite Leather cover is a totally different type of cover from the covers that Amazon made for the first three generations of Kindle.  Instead of the elastic corners of the first two generations and the prongs of the third generation, this cover uses a rubberized plastic that is form fitted to the size of the kindle.  (In the picture to the side the outer line around the kindle is the rubberized plastic holder.)


It takes a little pushing and prodding to get it all in the case.  But once it is in, it is not going anywhere.  This is not a case that you want to take the Paperwhite in and out of a lot.  But there is not much reason to take it in and out.  The power button and charging port are open and there are not any other buttons or ports on the kindle.

The cover folds back cleanly and it is easy to hold with one hand with the cover folded completely behind the Paperwhite.  The inside is a nice gray felt.

What I do not like is that the cover is very thin.  The point of a cover is to protect the screen.  This cover will not protect in the case of fall, but will protect against scratches.  It is also not leather, or a very low quality and thin leather if it is leather. (Update: after using it awhile, and dropping it more than a couple times, it is more protective than I originally thought.)

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather coverOne feature I really like, and would be enough to keep using it if it were mine, is the auto on/off.  This means that power button is not at all needed if you just flip open the cover and flip it closed to turn it off.

That being said, it is a bit expensive to be such a thin cover.  My friend picked it up for $27 after using a now-expired coupon.  For $27, I have not problem recommending it.  For $39.99, I would probably say skip it because it is so thin

I got was using a plain black, but it is also available in pink, mustard, navy, purple, orange and saddle tan.

Purchase link for Amazon Paperwhite Leather Cover – Also it is usually available from Amazon’s refurbished store.  But with a coupon it may be cheaper new than used.


No link to the cover on Amazon in your post? What kind of blogger are you? LOL

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